Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lots to See:P

Hi everyone!  So much going on tonight, be patient with my long letter haha!

On the public board tonight is Gertrude in fantastic Halloween Colors of Orange & Black.  She also comes in a beautiful purple as well and is even available for Yabusaka Petites and ND/MD Little Mes!!  Lola Tango applier included in all.
Steampunk ladies set with goggles in 2 positions and bustle!  Great checked fabric.  On the public board. $99L
Purple version, beautiful! $99L

The Small Mesh boards have Gertrude on them as well!
On the Little Me board. $99L
Purple for Little Me $99L

 On the Yabusaka board $99L

Purple for Yabusaka $99L

Our last Teacher oufit is out as well!  Aurelia is a Victorian teacher gown that includes the parasol.  It also is boxed with a free chalkboard and student desks set.  Available in 3 colors for $199L each and all proceeds go toward sponsoring our last teacher!

Our 2nd teacher is an 8th grade Math teacher and so far we have raised 16,650L !!  The drive will be ended Saturday and I will send her a gift card out.  Thank you all so much for helping with this!

ALSO out (haha) are two more colors of Dreams Come True.  These were special requests of Silver and Purple!  You can find them on the new release board and in formal :)

$199L each.
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Thank you!!
Emedea Morgenstern
Rag Dollz

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