Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sponsor A Teacher!

This month we are running a drive to provide supplies for a teacher via redditgifts.  We have been matched with a kindergarten teacher and are trying to raise money for crayons, glue and pocket holders!  I will be getting those together on the 15th, then the rest of the month we will be raising money for a 2nd teacher who will be rematched if they are left out.  This is a great cause, teachers spend way too much of their own money for supplies.   I have 8 BRAND NEW teacher outfits out and every single $L goes to buy supplies. All are $199L and available right in the front entrance of the shop. Here they all are!

First up is a lovely 1950's Style Teachers dress that includes the chalk board, glasses and shoes!  Available in 3 colors.

Next we have a Victorian/Western style teachers dress that includes a desk and two maps, one of Victorian England and Old West USA.

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