Monday, July 8, 2013

New & So Nice!

We have a fantastic set of lingerie on the Public Mania Board!  Gracie is a 4 color fat pack that includes: Panties, Bra, Stockings, Sculpted Heart Belly Jewel and a Sculpted Rose that fits on the chest and just makes the look irresistible! Lola Tango Applier is included for each color as well!  This is an unbeatable value at only $199L but if you visit our MM board you can click to try for it free!

On our group board is the FANTASTIC Mad Cirque!  Whether you are a fan of Burlesque, Steampunk, Goth...this one will satisfy. 
This is a huge set. It includes a mesh skirt in 5 sizes and for a totally different look, 2 bustles.  It has a sculpted top hat, a choker, gloves, Special Makeup and two pair of shoes!  One has the fishnet to match the stockings and one pair plan. It also includes the Lola Tango applier.  Demo of the mesh skirt is available.
And to make things even better, there is a sister outfit, Mad Carnival!  A totally different pattern with all the same goodies! $199L each and again, Mad Cirque is on the Group Mania Board.

Sister Outfit, Mad Carnival

Just to see who is here, drop me a notecard in my mailbox saying you saw these outfits on the blog and I will send you a 50L$ gift card you can use on your next purchase!
Thanks and enjoy the week!
Emedea Morgenstern

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